5 Benefits of Business Etiquette Training - London Institute

Etiquette is vital in the business world. We all use our etiquette skills to a certain degree each time we speak to a coworker, use the phone or interact with customers. Companies can ensure that their employees have good business etiquette skills by using the services an institute that offers businessetiquette training. The London Institute of Corporate Training offers such training in Mumbai. At the London Institute of Corporate Training, we conduct executive coaching, soft skills training and leadership training programs for companies in India. We have expertise in the field of corporate training. We also customize all our programs based on the objectives of our clients.

Professional etiquette training is beneficial for companies and individuals. The professional success of an individual depends on how well he or she can build strong relationships. When an individual succeeds, the company that he or she works for will also succeed. Employees who undergo training will learn how to build stronger, better and more successful relationships. The following are 5 benefits of business etiquette training.

Enhances relationships in the workplace

The focus of professional etiquette is respect for others. It paves the way for a civilized and a collaborative corporate culture. Most basic professional etiquette rules are common courtesies like not checking email during meetings, not speaking loudly all the time and not barging into another person’s office unannounced. If workers abide by professional etiquette principles, many distractions associated with the workplace like personality clashes and gossip can be eliminated. Workers will also not allow their personal feelings to affect their behavior in the workplace.

Promotes business growth

Knowledge about business etiquette can open up many doors. Prospective clients often judge an organization by how they are treated by its employees. People who are able to communicate well and are comfortable in different professional situations inspire trust easily. When employees undergo training, they learn how to handle themselves at business lunches and high stake meetings. They can then impress others with their people skills and versatility.

Enhances impression

People usually judge others depending on how they carry themselves in professional and social situations. If an individual does not know the proper way of shaking someone’s hand or offering a business card, others may question his or her business skills. Training can help professionals portray confidence when meeting others in the boardroom or face to face.

Helps professionals gain business travel etiquette

Knowing how to behave when meeting people in a country that has a different culture is essential. Note that what is perceived as respect in a particular culture may be perceived as disrespect in another. Through business etiquette training, professionals can learn about the differences in cultural behavior. They will therefore know the best way to behave when meeting other professionals and clients in different countries.

Enhances non-verbal communication

Most organizations these days use nonverbal communication. Etiquette is also important in digital interactions. By undergoing training, employees can send emails and text messages in the right way.

Lacking business etiquette can limit the potential of a business or individual and jeopardize relationships which are fundamental to success. You should therefore make sure that all your employees have good business etiquette skills. You can let the London institute of Corporate Training assist you in this matter.

The training we offer will let your employees know what is expected of them and how to perform in the workplace. It will also help your employees to work together in harmony. A positive atmosphere in the workplace promotes productivity and ultimately leads to business success.

PAN India capability

We have trained over a hundred corporations in India and across the globe to enhance their employee’s communication and soft skills, both areas that play an integral part in today’s challenging corporate world.

Our Head office is located in Mumbai; however we have a pan India capability. We have a talent force of over 90 subject matter experts. They handle Contextualization, TNA (Training Needs Analysis), Customized Designing of Course Framework and Facilitation.

Apart from this we have speakers on our panel from across geographies.