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Team building skill is often referred as a leadership skill, though team building skill is beyond leadership. Today, in corporate business sectors, team building skill is more sought after than leadership skill. Basically, building a team requires good communications, sound understanding of human psychology, motivation and good leadership. Apart from these main factors, a lot of other factors are there which are required for effective team building. Aspiring management students, budding entrepreneurs and business owners should have effective team building skills and knowledge. For this proper training is required under the supervision of experienced faculties. So, if you want to know the nitty-gritty of team building, your primary job is finding a good institution.

In Mumbai, a lot of management colleges or institutions are there, where you can pursue short term as well as long term courses on various management related things. However, rarely any institution would offer you a dedicated team building skill training program. London Institute World is one of those rarest institutions, where aspiring management students or business owners can pursue team building courses. Through the course, students will be taught important lessons of team building. They will learn sharpening their communicative skills, networking skills, leadership and management skills. London Institute of Corporate Training (LICT) features highly committed and experienced team of faculties, who have the right skills to teach students with precision.

Corporate Training for Budding Businesses

London Institute of Corporate Training specializes in providing corporate training to the team of employees of a business or corporate house. The institution possesses an excellent reputation in providing high quality and cutting edge corporate training for different levels of employees. From executives to business managers to the top level decision makers – different groups of employees can pursue training courses provided by this institution for learning corporate etiquette and to fetch higher business success. London Institute World primarily aims to induce seamless communication between different levels and team of personnel, working together for a business house or company.

Benefits of Team Development Training

At LICT, team building training has been considered as the most effectual corporate training. It helps a business from different aspects. Take a look at the benefits below:

  • Budding entrepreneurs, team of directors and top level managers should undergo team building training courses. It helps them to understand the insiders of team building. The success of a business majorly depends on the development of a good team, where communication between different levels of employees is seamless. This is why team building training is required for the business owners, entrepreneurs and board of directors.
  • Team building skill for senior as well as junior management staffs is important. If they can build teams with precision, they will induce good team building spirit throughout the organization.

LICT supports a business with effective corporate training through the interactive presentation and innovative teaching sessions. Upon the completion of courses, verbal and written examinations are carried out in order to find the most sincere and talented learner. It helps an organization to get the right leader for the future. All course materials are delivered via email. When it comes to the most reliable institution for corporate training in India, London Institute of Corporate Training is definitely the leading one.

PAN India capability

We have trained over a hundred corporations in India and across the globe to enhance their employee’s communication and soft skills, both areas that play an integral part in today’s challenging corporate world.

Our Head office is located in Mumbai; however we have a pan India capability. We have a talent force of over 90 subject matter experts. They handle Contextualization, TNA (Training Needs Analysis), Customized Designing of Course Framework and Facilitation.

Apart from this we have speakers on our panel from across geographies.