London Institute – Stand Strong in Leadership Training With Communication Skills

Effective business communication skills are essential. As a business executive, you need to be able to communicate with your members' staff, customers and vendors effectively. Without the right communication skills, an enterprise can face problems like lowered efficiency, low employee morale and the inability to complete complex projects.

Poor communication skills can hamper the efficiency of your business or department due to inefficient preparation of presentations and the need to rewrite important documents and clarify emails. Poor communication skills can also demoralize members of staff by forcing them to listen to boring presentations or giving them unclear directions on projects. If you cannot clearly communicate the objectives and responsibilities of a project, it may not succeed.

In order to improve communication skills in your organization, you can undergo training. One of the organizations that can train you how to improve communication skills in your organization is the London Institute of Corporate Training. This firm is based in Mumbai, India and it assists organizationstrain their managers to take on more challenging roles in their organizations. The London Institute of Corporate Training combines soft skills training and personal development training.

The London Institute of Corporate Training has a training manager who heads the coaching team and sixty in house trainers. The in house trainers are divided into junior and senior trainers based on their years of experience and their expertise. This company also works with key speakers and subject matter experts from all over India.

Corporate communication is categorized into external and internal communication. Internal communication involves the transfer of information among several entities in the business. External communication on the other hand, involves the transfer of information among outside entities and business employees. These types of communication are important to the smooth operations of any business.

One of the skills that stand out for business executives is public speaking. This involves speaking effectively in front of a group of people. At the London Institute of Corporate Training, we can help you develop the skills required to present facts in a structured way.

Report and email writing skills are also important for business executives and employees. Writing report schedules and emails are a daily task for most organizations. Emails and reports should be precise, short and formal.

Negotiation skills are also important when running any business. They are often applied in telecommunication, face to face communication and written communication. These skills are essential for solving problems.

Another important aspect of corporate communication is how a person sounds on the phone. Communicating through the phone is extremely popular and in order to pass a message clearly, it is essential to have good telephone communication skills. Developing these oral communication skills is essential, especially for people who work in the customer support sector. At the London Institute of Corporate Training, we can assist you improve communication skills in various areas such as presentation skills, written or verbal communication, pronunciation and speech sounds among others.

Regardless of the sector you work in, communication skills are invaluable. With the assistance of the experienced team of trainers at the London Institute of Corporate Training, different companies in India can gain the relevant knowledge and skills to complete important tasks proficiently. Choosing our management training workshops and programs is a wise decision because we care about all the delegates who enroll with us.

PAN India capability

We have trained over a hundred corporations in India and across the globe to enhance their employee’s communication and soft skills, both areas that play an integral part in today’s challenging corporate world.

Our Head office is located in Mumbai; however we have a pan India capability. We have a talent force of over 90 subject matter experts. They handle Contextualization, TNA (Training Needs Analysis), Customized Designing of Course Framework and Facilitation.

Apart from this we have speakers on our panel from across geographies.