London Institute - 4 Factors To Be Considered When Looking for Training Companies

Regardless of the type of business you operate in Mumbai, it is necessary to provide your workers with proper training. Training is particularly essential for dangerous or highly skilled work like operating forklifts and should be provided before employees begin performing any dangerous task.

Depending on the nature of your business, your employees may require training in health and safety polices, first aid, handling hazardous chemicals, accident and emergency procedures, business communication skills and the correct use of personal protective equipment among other things.

The company that provides the training should have expertise in the areas in which it is training your workers. Training should also be tailored to the specific needs of your company. You should ensure that the trainer addresses anything that may pose safety and health risks to your workers. This is possible if you use the services of reputable training companies in Mumbai One such company is the London Institute of Corporate Training.

Reports show that many enterprises are utilizing the services of training companies India and this is projected to increase in the years to come. However, when looking for training vendor companies Mumbai business owners should consider a few factors. The 4 main factors to consider include:

What you need to achieve

Training may not be a solution for all needs. Therefore, before you look for a training vendor company, you should be sure that your workers need training. If so, you should consider if they need a generic course or specific training. It is important to consider what the workers are currently doing and what you want them to do. Another thing to consider is how you will measure if the training has been successful. In order for training to be successful, the workers need to know the reason why they are being trained, what is expected of them and the support, help and feedback they will get at work.

How a training company can help you achieve your goals

Although most training companies have ready to go courses that lead to accredited and recognized professional qualifications, they may not enable you to achieve the goals you have identified. A good training company such as the London Institute of Corporate Training will look at your training plan, your wider goals and targets as well as succession planning. It will then work with you to tailor courses that meet your precise needs. At the London Institute, we have a good track record of meeting the expectations of our clients.

Whether the training company has the necessary job competence and experience

When looking for training vendors Mumbai dwellers should also consider if the vendors have the skills required to deliver what they promise. A good training vendor like the London Institute will be able to provide you with evidence of the clients it has served and the number of students who have qualified at every level of the courses it teaches. It can also refer to case studies and give you references of past and present clients.

The anticipated dates when training starts and ends

You should agree on a project timetable. Note that good training companies may not be able to meet your desired delivery dates due to other customers. If a training provider agrees to all your dates, you should be concerned why they are not booked. Nevertheless, a good provider will meet your training needs in a timely fashion.

By considering the above points as they speak with training companies Mumbai dwellers will be able to find a reputable training company can deliver the training their workers need.

PAN India capability

We have trained over a hundred corporations in India and across the globe to enhance their employee’s communication and soft skills, both areas that play an integral part in today’s challenging corporate world.

Our Head office is located in Mumbai; however we have a pan India capability. We have a talent force of over 90 subject matter experts. They handle Contextualization, TNA (Training Needs Analysis), Customized Designing of Course Framework and Facilitation.

Apart from this we have speakers on our panel from across geographies.